Free Your Nunchuk review

Photo of Free Your Nunchuk

How much wood would a nun chick chuck, if a nun chick could chuck wood? We’ve no idea, but if you’re a Wii owner who’s annoyed by the trailing lead from your Wii nunchuk, then Zappies has a tailor-made solution.

The company has just released the Nunchuk Wireless Kit, which allows you to play without the constraints of a cord. The kit is easy to install, consisting of a wireless receiver that fits onto the bottom of your Wii Remote, and a housing that the nunchuk is inserted into. That done, you just hold the synch button, wait for the light to come on and you’re away.

The design is ergonomically moulded for comfort, and the kit’s environmentally friendly, as it has an automatic switch-off mode in case it’s accidentally left on. The wireless unit is powered by two AAA batteries, which will apparently give it a life of twenty hours.

The Nunchuk Wireless Kit is priced at £19.99 and should be available, as they say, in all good shops.