Fujitsu Lifebook P701 review

Small and highly portable laptop
Photo of Fujitsu Lifebook P701
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Fujitsu’s P701 is small format laptop computer designed primarily for business users. You won’t find much whizz-bang flashiness about it. Our sample wasn’t quite the final build, but from what we saw, this is an impressive little laptop.

Petite performer
With a 12.1in screen, dimensions of 282x220x33mm and weighing in at just 1.5kg, the Fujitsu P701 isn’t that far away from being the size of a netbook. Still, it’s just far enough away to let you know you’re using a ‘proper’ computer rather than a toy.

And indeed you are. The 1,200×800-pixel resolution of the screen might be a shade below par, but under the hood there’s an Intel Core i3 2310M 2.1GHz processor and 2GB of RAM in support. You can cram the 320GB hard drive full of apps and data – and the operating system, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, is a far cry from a netbook specification.

Other features
A fingerprint sensor is more evidence that this is a ‘serious’ laptop – but all isn’t totally rosy. There’s no optical drive built in to the chassis, so, just as if you were using a netbook, you’ll have to attach one via one of the three USB ports that sit around the edges.

There are plenty of other connectors, however. There’s a 34mm ExpressCard slot, DisplayPort adaptor, microphone and headphones jacks, VGA-out port, memory card slot for SD, Memory Stick and compatible cards, a SmartCard slot, and an Ethernet port. For those occasions when you need to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, there’s a slider to do so on the front edge of the chassis.

The most interesting feature of the Fujitsu P701 is a small circle that sits to the right of the trackpad. It is the ScrollWheel. You run a finger round it for vertical scrolling. It works, but it is an odd convention, isn’t it – to use a circular motion for vertical scrolling? And other laptop manufacturers are quite happy with scroll zones in the trackpad.

Too small for comfort?
Needless to say, but the keyboard is a little cramped on such a small notebook. If you have large hands you might find it a challenge to work at full speed. But the design is good, and the somewhat bloated Enter key is particularly welcome.

As we were working with a prototype we weren’t able to fully test the battery, but it didn’t seem inordinately poor, so we’ve no reason to think it will have trouble seeing you through a few solid hours of computing.

Company: Fujitsu


  • Good performance for a very compact notebook.
  • Keyboard a little cramped; limited 1,200x800 native screen resolution.


The Fujitsu Lifebook P701 is small and nicely made. We'd have liked a higher screen resolution and could live without the ScrollWheel - but overall, if you need something very portable, it could suit.