GData – AntiVirus Kit Internet Security 2005 review

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Photo of GData – AntiVirus Kit Internet Security 2005

At first we were impressed with GData’s AntiVirus Kit Internet Security 2005. It installed with minimum fuss, went about its business pretty much straight away and gave us little in the way of headaches.

But that’s why it’s important to test products over a more prolonged period of time. For after three weeks in the company of the product, our feelings are now somewhat mixed.

Let’s start with the basics. The product is an exhaustive security package boasting the functions a contemporary Windows PC requires to go about its day-to-day connected business. In one box you get virus protection, firewall, anti-dialler, anti-spam, anti-phishing, track eraser, a pop-up killer and banner ad blocker.

Granted, there’s a fair few functions you can competently cover with freeware, but nonetheless, given that it’s all backed with hourly updates, it’s hard to grumble. Bonus points too for bothering with a printed manual to help you make your way through everything.

You will need it, though, if you’re going to make serious headway into the plethora of options the program makes available to you. Whilst it’s perfectly feasible to simply set things up and let GData do its stuff, at some point you’re going to want to make the odd change.

And here’s where the program could learn from the likes of F-Secure or even – heaven forbid – Norton. For the interface isn’t always as helpful as it could be, and nor is it obvious sometimes how to effect a change without referring to the manual.

The software itself is a mixed bag. The firewall wasn’t as strict as some we’ve used in the past, even when security settings were up high. It managed to block the majority of stuff, but the odd item still slipped through. The virus checker threw up the most interesting result, as in the initial scan it found a virus hidden within the program’s own files on our test system! Given that we performed this scan immediately upon installation, we have to assume that it’s tied in some way to the program. Major alarm bells there, even if it’s a false positive.

The remaining modules were perfectly competent, but didn’t compel us to move away from our existing security software. The pop-up blocker we found particularly strong, although it attached itself to Internet Explorer rather than FireFox on our test PC.

In all, the package needs to have some of the problems outlined above ironed out, and then a healthy dose of user-friendliness applied. There’s real potential in the software as it stands now, but the execution doesn’t feel quite right. As such, there’s no overwhelming reason to plump for this over the polish and excellence of F-Secure‘s product.

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This is a value package, but none of the modules stand out. Whilst it undeniably gives you a lot of flexibility, it does so at the expense of making it all easy to use and understand.