GSP – Anne Hooper’s Ultimate Sex Guide review

sex education on CD
Photo of GSP – Anne Hooper’s Ultimate Sex Guide

You can’t blame GSP for trying. Adorned with an 18 certificate, the promise of video clips and a full encyclopedia of sex, they’ve put together a product that’s no doubt eyed-up by anyone trying to legitimately sneak ‘adult’ material into their home. Or, toeing the party line, they’ve found an educational and responsible product that sensibly and maturely addresses the subject of sex.

Whichever camp you subscribe to, if you’ve got Windows XP you’re going to have to jump through some hoops first. On neither of our XP test systems would the product work. It took a brief sojourn through the GSP support site, a download of a patch and a fair degree of patience to finally get things moving.

Next, you’re asked for an access code that’s provided supposedly on the card inserted in the software’s box. Only there isn’t a card, and the program won’t run without the code. Ho hum. Back off to the GSP web site and into the FAQs, and there’s the answer. The code is printed in small letters on the CD itself. Sigh. So off we go again, and finally we get going.

From the off, the product betrays its age. It’s dated 1995, and Anne Hooper’s video introduction is so pixelated that your initial reaction is to recommend she undertakes urgent treatment for her skin. The video quality really is poor, and a glance at the system specs reveals why – it’s suitable even for selected 386 systems (remember them?). Yet GSP still wants a tenner. It’s not a fresh release, in fairness, but given the clear age of the software, half the price would have been more appropriate.

The content isn’t bad, although it’s very much of-its-day in the way it’s presented. The program mixes in questionnaires, videos, audio and reference material, and covers an astounding range of topics. It doesn’t skimp on the (cough) educational videos either, and it covers the very basics right through to acts that’d make your parents wince. It assumes throughout that it’s heterosexual sex you’re interested in, incidentally.

So what we ultimately have is an old program with, on the whole, relevant and comprehensive content. It’s presented quite scrappily, and the interface – whilst competent – is badly in need of an overhaul. But the program, miraculously, still just about delivers. It’s overpriced, and Anne Hooper herself has a habit of banging on a bit, but nonetheless this isn’t too bad a buy.

Company: GSP

Contact: 01480 496666

Rude? Yes. Educational? Yes. Deserving of its 18 certificate? Yes. Old? Most certainly. But it holds up a little better than we were expecting. Hardly an essential purchase, though.