GT Interactive – Duke Nukem: Time to Kill review

Photo of GT Interactive – Duke Nukem: Time to Kill

This is not the first Duke Nukem game for the PlayStation. Duke actually started life on the PC in 1995. A rough, no compromise action type of bloke, he was about as un-PC as you could get. In between shooting aliens, he’d shout “Come get some” or “You’re an inspiration for birth control”, occasionally watching dodgy videos and giving cash to pole-dancers. Just like your average British Member of Parliament, really.

In this version of the game, you play from behind Duke, in a Tomb Raider kind of way. This will be a bit of a challenge for players used to the PC version, and the controls therefore take some getting used to, especially when you’re turning round quickly. Fortunately this ‘from behind’ view does allow Duke to perform all sorts of Lara-esque gymnastic trickery, and there’s a sniper mode that allows you to zoom in for the more tricky shots. On that topic, the weaponry in this game is spot on. Shotguns, chainguns and the ‘fire, wait, detonate and laugh’ devices all help to make ridding the world of the ugly alien scum that much more fulfilling.

There’s the usual toilet humour (sometimes literally involving toilets), but if you ‘accidentally’ shoot one of the – ahem – ladies of questionable morals, several aliens appear in their place. Fair punishment, really. To progress through the game, you’ll have to use your head as well as your trigger finger. Card keys must be collected, switches thrown, hidden panels revealed and so on. This doesn’t get in the way of the action too much, though, with Duke apparently capable of even more acrobatic carnage than he could manage on the PC. The only thing really lacking is a multi-player option, which turned the PC version into a barrel of hysterical, blood-curdling laughs.

Company: GT Interactive

This game has remained faithful to the Duke philosophy; if it moves, either kill it or give it money to take its clothes off. There's action, a good variety of locations and bad alien scum, plus the legendary Duke Nukem weaponry that no game - not even Quake on the PC - has yet bettered. Go get some...