Hewlett Packard – Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse review

A mouse that connects to your computer via Wi-Fi
Photo of Hewlett Packard – Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse
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If you’re a fan of wireless mice but don’t like cluttering up a USB port with their accompanying wireless dongles, then Hewlett Packard’s new Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse might be right up your street. It’s the first mouse in the world, says HP, that uses Wi-Fi to connect to your computer.

Key advantages
There are two key plus points for using Wi-Fi in a mouse, says HP. First off, you don’t need a wireless dongle. This will be of particular interest to notebook users, for whom USB ports are often at a premium.

Secondly, Wi-Fi provides better battery life than other technologies – it offers twice that of Bluetooth, for example. HP says you’ll get nine months of use from the two AA batteries that power the Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse.

A little work
You do need to do a little work to get everything up and running, though. There’s a small application to install, which establishes the Wi-Fi connection. Connection is entirely automated the first time, and achieved via a Connect button on the mouse subsequently. You can also use the app to program the five mouse buttons too.

Nice, but not for Macs
As for the mouse itself, it’s comfy to hold, and symmetrically designed so that both left- and right-handed users should find no problem using it. It will be a little small for some hands, though – and as yet HP’s connection application isn’t available for the Mac.

Company: Hewlett Packard

Website: http://www.hp.co.uk

The Hewlett Packard Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse is a clever way to avoid plugging extra dongles into your PC. We'd like to see it for the Mac and Android tablets too.

BEST POINT: Easy to set up and configure.
WORST POINT: Limited to PCs at present.