HP – PSC 2210 review

all-in-one printer, scanner, copier and fax machine
Photo of HP – PSC 2210
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Like all multi-function devices, the PSC 2210 from Hewlett Packard prints, copies, scans and faxes. What sets the PSC 2210 apart, though, is its ability to read from CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick and Secure Digital memory cards.

The unit does all this in a fairly compact 46.3cm by 37cm by 22cm package. Helping to save desk space is the shallow, front-facing paper tray which can hold up to 100 sheets of media. Like most printers of late, the PSC 2210 is easy and straightforward to set up, with easy-to-insert ink cartridges and so on. But – and it’s a big ‘but’ – the PSC 2210 is a USB device that arrives without a USB connection cable, which is very annoying.

In use, the complex-looking control buttons are actually quite easy to work out, but in any case HP supplies a comprehensive manual. The bottom of the panel holds the colour and monochrome copy buttons, the centre houses the fax number controls, while function buttons at the top of the panel let you select whether to copy, fax, scan or otherwise manipulate digital photo memory cards. This latter function is great if you just want to print out your photos without messing around with connection cables and editing software.

The printer element of the PSC 2210 allows 1,200dpi printing in normal mode, but when using digitally-enhanced photos and special paper this rises to 4,800dpi. As with most multi-function devices, the performance of the various elements are a little slower than their stand-alone cousins. The PSC 2210 prints at up to a rather sedate 7ppm in mono and 4ppm in colour, but the image quality is as good as many of the current inkjets around.

In scanner mode, the PSC 2210 scans at 1,200dpi by 2,400dpi. While colour images are scanned accurately, greyscale images are not so hot, and the speed is somewhat slower than that of other USB scanners available.

A good feature of the HP PSC 2210 is that you can carry on printing while starting a copy job, queuing up each job without pausing. Perhaps the worst component of the unit is the fax function, as with no document feeder, long faxes will take an age to send via the flatbed scanner.

The software bundle supplied with the unit includes some useful tools to get the best from the HP PSC 2210. HP Director allows you to rotate and crop a pre-scanned image before scanning the final image. Simple photo adjustments such as reducing red-eye or cropping are taken care of by Image Editor, while Readiris is a fairly basic OCR package.

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The HP PSC 2210 may have print and scan times that are a little on the slow side, but the quality of the images produced almost matches their standalone counterparts. For a family or small office that needs a device to do everything reasonable well, with the added bonus of handling digital photos directly, the PSC 2210 could be ideal.