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In a technological age where the emphasis is increasingly on becoming more compact and user-friendly while still maintaining high quality and a myriad of features, it’s perhaps not surprising that scanners are now receiving the attention previously lavished on cameras, printers and computers.

HP’s Scanjet Professional 1000 is specifically targeted at the business person on the move who needs to be in a permanent state of ‘office readiness’ without having to cart around tons of equipment. For a start, it is indeed both stylish and compact: it measures just 290 x 50 x 75mm, weighs a mere 0.66kg and comes in extremely chic glossy two-tone black and white. HP even includes a sturdy little zip-up bag so you can pack it up neatly and stow it easily in the bottom of your travel case or rucksack.

Setting up the scanner is simplicity itself. All you have to do is attach the supplied USB lead to your laptop (which also thus becomes your power supply), install the TWAIN driver and the supplied scanning management software (Nuance PaperPort, Nuance OmniPage and NewSoft Presto! BizCard 6) and you’re ready for action. There are only two external controls on the unit itself – Scan and Cancel – which are located at the top right.

Then it’s just a question of feeding your source document into the slot at the front and removing it from the far side when you’re done. Surprisingly with a scanner of this size, you also have an automatic duplex facility, though of course you can only feed one page at a time. As well as standard A4 documents, the Scanjet Professional 1000 can handle envelopes, labels and business cards with ease.

Speeds naturally vary depending on the resolution and the source, but you’re looking at a minimum scan time of around 10 seconds for A4 black and white document OCR at 300dpi, and closer to 55 seconds for A4 colour photos at 600dpi (the maximum), which is still more than respectable. Quality, though, doesn’t fare as well, since black text appears fainter than the original and while photo scans manage good colour reproduction, they are universally overexposed, so will need some editing.

The other bit of good news, however, is that the Scanjet Professional 1000 is Mac compatible so it will be particularly useful for all CAD-minded Apple people. It also recognises Windows 7 as well as Vista and XP, so you should be able to deal with anything that’s thrown at you while you’re on the road. The current asking price of £250, on the other hand, may be too steep for many, and HP will face stiff competition from Canon’s new imageFORMULA P-150, amongst others.

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HP's stylish and sleek portable scanner is certainly compact and relatively speedy but for serious business users on the move there are image quality and price issues that may make them look elsewhere.