Huawei E367 mobile broadband dongle on Three review

Super-fast mobile broadband dongle
Photo of Huawei E367 mobile broadband dongle on Three
Price varies

Mobile broadband dongles are pretty much everywhere these days, but not all of them are made equal. UK mobile network Three has recently launched a new model, the Huawei E367, which is a premium dongle offering high data transfer rates.

Speed is of the essence
A defining characteristic of the Huawei E367 mobile broadband dongle is its speed capability. Three says you’ll get up to 40 per cent faster browsing using it – that’s 40 per cent faster than HSDPA 7.2Mbit/s dongles.

The basis of the dongle’s claim to greater speed is its support for the HSPA+ standard, which provides a theoretical maximum download speed of 21.6Mbit/s and upload speed of 5.76Mbit/s. This means as Three upgrades its network to faster speeds, you’ll have a measure of future-proofing for faster access.

Cheap at half the price
Pricing for the dongle varies depending on how you want to use it – and the choices are many. It’s available on pay monthly, pay as you go, iPad, Tablet, MiFi monthly and MiFi pay as you go. Pay Monthly rates are as cheap as £9.91 a month. Visit for full details.

Ease of use
As with most dongles, there’s a microSD card slot so you can double it up as a data storage device. To use the Huawei E367, you simply plug it into an available USB slot and wait. The first time you do this the Three Dashboard installs. Subsequently things are faster as the Dashboard simply runs automatically whenever you plug the dongle in.

Very cleverly, the USB connector folds away into the main body of the dongle on a rotating hinge, so that no need for a protective lid, and you can have the dongle at any angle to your laptop that suits and maybe move it around to get the best reception available.

Company: Huawei


Contact: 0800 358 9341

  • Future-proofed for faster access as Three upgrades its network.
  • Slightly chunky styling.


We love technology when it just works, and the Huawei E367 mobile broadband dongle on Three was a simple case of plug-it-in-and-get-online.