Improved Instant Accounts package from Sage review

Photo of Improved Instant Accounts package from Sage

Sage, the UK’s leading developer of accounting and business management software, has released a new version of its Instant Accounts package.

Aimed at the small and growing business, the Sage software is designed to be used by non-bookkeepers and is now easier to both install and use. An improved setup wizard gets new users up and running in just 8 steps and as well as online support the package includes access to an e-learning course, tutorials, video demonstrations and a practice mode within the application itself.

VAT management is also enhanced with the ability to submit online returns whilst error correction throughout the whole package is much improved. The ability to receive card payments from customers is another key feature, although access to the Sage Payment Solutions service that allows this to happen is a chargeable extra.

The release of an updated small business product from Sage is important as the market is getting very competitive with all of the leading suppliers now concentrating on this area.

Several new players have also joined the fray, not least Microsoft which is keen to get a piece of the action following the recent UK launch of its Office Accounting 2008 product (watch out for a review here soon). In terms of functionality this compares well against products such as Sage Instant Accounts, with a freely downloadable version for start-ups and sole traders a unique new twist.

Sage Instant Accounts can be bought from most online resellers and has a recommended price of £115 + VAT.