InFocus – X2 review

bright and cheap DLP projector
Photo of InFocus – X2

Generally speaking LCD (liquid crystal display: like a flat-panel monitor) projectors are cheaper than their DLP (digital light processing: using a small chip with thousands of tiny mirrors) counterparts.

Although it is possible to find a cheap DLP projector, they tend to be designed down to a price and as a result can suffer from some unpleasant optical effects, and in particular you have to watch out for a strange rainbow effect that can flicker and cause the viewer to suffer from a headache after half an hour or so.

Put it this way, when we saw that the InFocus X2 has a price tag of £799 inc. VAT the alarm bells were ringing in our ears, so it came as a welcome surprise that picture quality wasn’t just acceptable, but superb.

Text, in particular, was amazingly clear and there is no doubt that the X2 would be excellent for the sort of business presentations where you want the audience to follow a document on screen. From memory this is called a lecture, as modern presentations tend to be full-on multimedia experiences with animations and loads of colour. No doubt the 2,000:1 contrast ratio helps in this respect.

Happily, the InFocus also manages colour very well, although it would be wrong to say that colour reproduction is entirely accurate. The colours are rather pastel and with cool tones, instead of being vivid and strong. Although this may be technically incorrect, it results in a display that is very pleasing to the eye, and we thoroughly enjoyed watching our test DVD scenes and PowerPoint presentations.

So the X2 is cheap and has a lovely display, but that’s not to say that’s it’s perfect. It has one or two flaws but happily they’re quite minor. For starters it’s a fairly large projector. The width is quite standard at 249mm but it’s quite tall at 106mm, while the 327mm depth is huge, and the hefty 3.1kg weight is only to be expected with a brute of this size.

Mind you, InFocus has used the large casing effectively, so the lens and the input ports are recessed to prevent accidental damage, however we were mystified by the location of the power connector on the left side, so the power cord sticks straight out of the side. We find it hard to believe that there wasn’t a more elegant solution.

The SVGA resolution of 800 x 600 is as low as you’ll find on a DLP projector, but it’s perfectly adequate for the vast majority of users, and while the noise rating is fairly high at 39dB in normal use, it didn’t give us any cause for concern in use.

Company: InFocus

Contact: 08000 286470

The InFocus X2 is a fairly basic DLP projector with a surprisingly high brightness rating of 1,600 lumens, housed in a bulky casing. It performs well by any standards, but when you add its low price into the equation it is very appealing indeed. The only problem is that it is rather too large to transport easily, but aside from that this is a superb projector.