Ingenious Solutions – WristGliders review

designed to reduce RSI
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This has to be one of the weirdest computer-related products on the market. Available either singly (for intensive mouse users) or in pairs (for frantic typists), the WristGlider is a small cushioned pad with a fabric or plastic base that allows it to glide over a desktop relatively easily. Intended for use by people susceptible to repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, WristGliders provide support for the wrist during typing or mouse movements. You simply rest your wrist on a WristGlider and type or use the mouse as normal.

Initially, it feels a bit strange to have these two pieces of padded blue plastic under your hands while typing, and it takes a while to get comfortable. After a while, however, it is noticeable that the WristGliders do provide support for the wrist, although you have to take your hands off them for some key-strokes (such as Alt-F4, for example). What is also noticeable is that, when your hands are in the correct position for typing, your whole posture tends to be better, which can’t be bad.

And, well, that’s about it really.

Company: Ingenious Solutions

Contact: 01202 716726

Do these little blue coasters actually do any good? According to the manufacturers, who quote an American doctor and a carpal tunnel syndrome sufferer, yes. They are certainly more versatile and comfortable than a standard wrist-rest, so if you suffer from physical aches or pains while typing or mousing, it's probably worth giving them a try.