Intellect – Quattro 22 TFT review

2.2GHz Pentium 4 business PC
Photo of Intellect – Quattro 22 TFT
£1,650 + VAT

After some time spent on the back foot, Intel is once again fighting competitively for the ‘fastest desktop processor’ crown. Its 2.2GHz Pentium 4 is put to good use in this business machine, surrounded by good quality components.

For a start, there’s both a DVD-ROM drive and a CD-RW drive, the former from LG and the latter from Samsung. Both are IDE devices. There’s also a 40GB IBM Vancouver EIDE hard drive, which uses cooler-friendly thin cables to minimise air resistance from the twin cooling fans. One fan is mounted on the processor heatsink, while the other draws air in from the back of the system and across the main components.

Alongside the processor is a pair of DIMM slots, one of which is occupied with a 256MB DDR stick. The other is empty, as are four of the PCI slots and two drive bays, so there’s plenty of space to expand the basic specification should you need to at a future date.

For faster office networks, the Quattro 22 TFT has a Gigabit Ethernet adapter – an Intel Pro 1000 – installed in one PCI slot. This will automatically switch down to 100Mbps or 10Mbps if your network demands it, but it’s useful to have the extra performance available. For non-network users, there’s an Intel HaM data/fax/voice modem in another PCI slot. You also get the usual two USB ports and one serial, one parallel port, but no network management or security features; the conventional screwed-together case is pretty basic in that respect.

The graphics card in this machine is an ATI Radeon 7500, equipped with 64MB of memory. This card has a DVI output for direct digital-to-digital connections, but that’s not used here. Instead, the D-sub VGA port is used to connect to the AOC LM-700 17-inch LCD monitor. This is an adequate display, but nothing special and this PC would really benefit from a higher quality screen.

A sound adapter is provided for the lunchtime gamers, while Intellect supplies this PC with either Windows XP or 2000 Professional, along with Microsoft Office XP Professional and numerous other useful tools such as Ahead Nero Burning ROM and Norton Anti-virus and Internet Security. The machine comes with a two years on-site warranty.

Company: Intellect

Contact: 0161 429 9911

We're not fans of this machine's particular LCD display, but apart from that the Quattro 22 TFT is a good piece of kit. Pay a bit extra to get a higher-specification monitor and you'll have a decent business workstation. The two year on-site warranty is likely to be of particular interest to business buyers.