Iomega – Clik! PC Card Drive review

only 40MB per disk, but so cute...
Photo of Iomega – Clik! PC Card Drive
£195 + VAT

Iomega’s new Clik! disk system is, it has to be said, pretty darned impressive. 40MB of storage space on a removable disk which isn’t much bigger than an old 50 pence piece is a good deal whichever way you look at it. The Clik! PC Card drive impresses us further still – it’s essentially a drive which reads the diminutive disks but fits into a Type II PC Card slot. Not only does it offer the equivalent capacity of literally dozens of floppy disk, but it fits into a PC Card port. Amazing what they can do these days.

It does have a few shortcomings though. First, it only works with Windows 98 or 95 – there are no drivers available for NT or CE. This is a shame, because the other Clik! drive, the external Clik! Plus, manages to work with all of these operating systems and this particular drive would make a fine addition to a CE sub-notebook. Nevertheless, for the vast majority of notebook users who are running Windows 9x, the Clik! PC Card drive is a very handy item, providing 40MB of removable storage media with minimal hassle. By itself the drive provides a handy backup system, while used with a Plus drive it can make transferring large amounts of data between laptop and desktop PCs a doddle. Wave goodbye to slow serial cable connections.

Installation of the drive is very straightforward; you simply run through the easy driver installation on the enclosed CD before plugging the drive into a spare PC Card slot and rebooting. Other than the lack of CE and NT drivers for this drive, the only other thing we can find to complain about is the price of Clik! disks. Small they may be, cheap they’re not. The lowest price you’ll currently pay for the disks is £7.50 each if you buy a batch of 10, while in packs of two they cost a whopping £11 each. The manufacturers realise that the media cost is a problem and assure us that they’re working to reduce disk prices, but that’s cold comfort to early adopters who want to use the disks right now rather than wait six months for prices to fall.

Company: Iomega

Contact: 0800 973194

This tiny disk system is cleverness incarnate, although it's likely to be given a run for its money by CompactFlash and SmartMedia solid-state memory cards. We'd have liked wider OS support, and the disks aren't cheap, but Iomega is once again fighting in interesting territory - the mobile computing sector. One day, in the future, you won't talk to people at parties, you'll just give them a Clik! disk with a multimedia presentation of your life story on it. Possibly.