Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive review

It boasts USB 3.0 performance and tough construction, but does Iomega’s eGo measure up?
Photo of Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive

Iomega’s eGo 320GB USB 3.0 portable hard drive immediately hits you with its sense of style, but fortunately, there’s substance to back it up.

The drive is priced at £55, where on a pound for gigabyte basis, there’s clearly better value elsewhere but the Iomega eGo adds a justifiable premium. Ths is the performance addition gained from its USB 3.0 connectivity. This is whilst adding USB 2.0 compatible too, but there’s little point in paying the extra unless you’re looking to take advantage of the added bandwidth on offer.

Away eGo

Iomega’s eGo portable hard drive is a very straightforward piece of hardware. It measures in at roughly the same footprint of two credit cards, with the depth of four or five of them. The eGo is USB-powered, and comes with all the necessary cabling. Pre-loaded onto the drive is Iomega’s Encryption Utility software, too.

One of Iomega’s major selling points is the eGo’s endurance, and its suitability for being taken on travels. The eGo is protected by a rubberised cage-like frame, which is wrapped over the already sturdy outer casing. We dropped the unit from a height of three metres on several occasions, and found everything was intact. Well, save for a scuff on the floor.

In the numbers that matter, the performance was sound. That said, on the side of the box is the phrase that sells the USB 3.0′s advantage – “Up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0”, it proclaims. That, of course, is a generous reading on the potential of USB 3.0 connectivity itself. Throw in a piece of hardware at the end of the cable, and this gets further diluted. 

In truth, we found that the eGo, in USB 3.0 mode, was just under 45% faster than via USB 2.0. That’s still a solid improvement, and certainly not to be sniffed at, although It’s not what many will feel they are being sold.

Furthermore, the eGo’s performance, whilst competitive, doesn’t make it the fastest drive of its ilk. But don’t overlook that durability. Iomega has put together a good external drive, here, with due consideration on how it will be used.

Company: Iomega


  • Solid in construction and offering good performance.
  • Not as quick as you may be expecting, and it’s worth shopping around.


Good performance and genuine durability are some compensation for the price premium here. It’s no market leader, though.