Jadetec – Sumicom S600 Max review

PC in a shoebox, sort of
Photo of Jadetec – Sumicom S600 Max
£899 + VAT

Just how small do you want your PC to be? How about 148mm wide by 254mm deep and just 71mm high – or in other words, just slighter smaller than a shoe box and weighing a mere 2.5kg. Sounds good? Then let’s take a look at the Sumicom S600 Max from Jadetec.

In its black, understated case, the Sumicom S600 Max looks like a piece of high-end British Hi-Fi equipment. Not only does its size imply that it’s too small to be a PC, it simply doesn’t look like one either.

The bare-bones Sumicom (which stands for SUper MIni COMputer) machines are built by King Young Technology in Taiwan. Jadetec offers three versions of the Sumicom S600. The S600 Home is powered by a 1.7GHz Celeron, the S600 SME uses a 2GHz Pentium 4 and the S600 Max reviewed here is powered by a 2.4GHz Pentium 4. And don’t think this little box lacks punch; backing up the Pentium 4 is 1GB of DDR memory. Yes, that’s right; a gigabyte of memory.

Based around a SIS 651 / 692, Northbridge / Southbridge combination, the Sumicom S600 Max comes with integrated graphics, which lets things down a little as the graphics sub-system shares up to 64MB of the system memory. This means that hardcore gamers won’t give the Sumicom S600 Max a second glance, but for everyday use it’s perfectly adequate. Also integrated onto the motherboard is 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet, audio, Firewire and ATA133/ 100/ 66 disk drive support.

For storage there is a Western Digital 120GB hard drive, while the standard notebook CD-ROM can be upgraded to DVD-ROM (£95 + VAT), CD-RW (£135 +VAT) or a DVD/CD-RW combo drive (£175 +VAT) if required.

Despite its small size, the Sumicom S600 Max has plenty of ports for connecting external devices. The front panel contains three audio ports, one USB 2.0 port and a Firewire port, while the rear panel somehow manages to accommodate serial, parallel, VGA and two PS/2 ports, along with another two USB 2.0 ports, a line out port, the DC power input and the LAN port.

The system comes with Windows XP Pro pre-installed, although Windows 2000 is offered as an alternative. Note that there’s no monitor or other peripherals included in the price – just the PC unit itself – so make sure you budget for that when calculating an overall system price.

Company: Jadetec

Contact: 0113 281 7788

Jadetec's Sumicom S600 Max is a stunning example of just how small it's possible for a PC to go while maintaining good performance and features. The graphics may not be powerful enough for hard-core gamers, but they're fine for everyone else. Add an LCD panel and you'll have an impressive, space-saving PC.