Just Flight – DC-3 Legends of Flight review

Expansion pack for Flight Simulator X
Photo of Just Flight – DC-3 Legends of Flight

The latest add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X to roll out of flight sim specialist Just Flight’s hangar is DC-3 Legends of Flight, which focuses on the Douglas DC-3. This is a legendary aircraft which first flew in 1935, and is still in service today in some parts of the world – albeit in a very limited fashion.

Civilian and military aircraft
The expansion pack covers a range of DC-3s, from the 1940s American Airlines ‘Flagship Knoxville’ to Lufthansa’s Pratt & Whitney-powered plane. There are seven DC-3 models in total, along with three versions of the C-47 military variant of the DC-3 which was heavily used in World War II, plus the AC-47 gunship.

All of these aircraft are modelled with meticulous attention to detail, inside and out. The Knoxville boasts a shiny metallic finish, and some later versions of the DC-3 have the streamlined tail cone. Inside, there are fully modelled interiors complete with extra details such as stewards in period uniform, and even in-flight magazines stuffed into the pockets on the rear of the passenger seats.

Realistic flight experience
The authenticity extends to impressively chunky engine sounds, and when in the air, the DC-3 handles with a commendable sense of realism. They’re a bit more demanding to fly than Flight Simulator X’s stock DC-3. Some nice touches have also been imparted by Just Flight, such as the presence of a Sperry Gyro Pilot – a sort of rudimentary auto-pilot, more like a cruise control.

On top of this lot, the package comes with an added bonus: the Waco CG-4A troop glider. More or less a green painted box with wings, getting this thing up in the air is a challenge in itself, trying to match the tow-plane’s movements after take-off to avoid snapping the line. An enjoyable little extra, for sure.

Company: Just Flight

A quality add-on for Flight Simulator X which brings the DC-3 plane to life, both in civilian and military variations. The attention to detail stands out, and the Waco glider is an absorbing bonus aircraft. At £20 it's not particularly cheap - but this expansion is worth it for those who take their flight simulation seriously.