Killzone Trilogy (PS3) review

Killzone Trilogy is a very solid shooting for FPS fans, but those not keen on tough-guy antics may find it a bit lacking.
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Satisfy your digital bloodlust this holiday season with Guerilla Games’ Killzone Trilogy, the latest Sony-exclusive series to receive the collection treatment. Like God of War Saga and Infamous Collection, Killzone Trilogy bundles several games (in this case, Killzone, Killzone 2, Killzone 3) and downloadable content at a wallet-friendly $39.99 price.

The Killzone series’ story sets the stage for the first-person shooting action, but does so in the most ho-hum way possible. Most characters are about as deep as ’80s-era action heroes with their predictable foul mouths, tough- guy talk, and poor characterization. Their big guns, however, make up for many of those ills.

The not-too-subtly-named Killzone is, as you’d expect, is all about dealing death in a variety of war-torn environments. The guns and grenades let you air-vent the opposition (which are basically space Nazis) with glee, but the game’s no cake walk. The enemy computer combatants position and cover well; they’re no sitting ducks. Online multiplayer modes are included so that you can mix it up with human combatants, but beware: The online competition is incredibly fierce. Don’t let that dissuade you, however. If you’re a FPS fan you’ll find a lot to like in the package, including free DLC multiplayer maps.

Visually, the games look terrific on a high-definition display. That’s to be expected of Killzone 2 and Killzone 3, which were made in the high-definition, PlayStation 3 era. That said, the original PlayStation 2 Killzone looks fine, too, as it’s been given the 720p makeover. Naturally, Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 sport superior detail, textures, and lighting effects.

If you fancy first-person shooters, Killzone Trilogy is worth the $39.99 asking price—if you don’t currently own any of the earlier games. Gamers new to the series will have a blast shooting up enemy forces with a wide array of weaponry. The game lacks strong characterization, but it’s a solid pick-up for those who just want to shoot things.

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Genre Action Games
Platform PlayStation 3
ESRB Rating M for Mature

Killzone Trilogy is a very solid shooting for FPS fans, but those not keen on tough-guy antics may find it a bit lacking.
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