Konica Minolta – Magicolor 5670EN review

high-speed colour laser printing for the office environment
Photo of Konica Minolta – Magicolor 5670EN
£770 + VAT

Konica Minolta’s Magicolor 5670EN is part of a new line of business printers offering speed and quality for those who deal in high-volume yields. It’s a colour laser printer but is otherwise pretty basic in both features and operation.

The design is functional enough, with a 500-sheet paper feeder and a 100-sheet manual feed tray that must be fitted onto the side. You’ll need to install the drivers and software provided to get the thing up and running but we were a little disappointed not to see any kind of image editing or document management utilities.

Though you will find network management tools provided, the bulk of printer control takes place through the standard properties menu within an application. There’s a decent range of adjustable settings here and a few handy tools such as the ability to adjust the colour settings and add a watermark, but in truth this is a no-compromise device that certainly isn’t aimed at consumers.

The on-board controls reflect this and offer no-nonsense access to a handful of features such as paper and print quality, diagnostics and statistics. You’ll find an economy mode available to save 50 percent on toner with very little impact on quality and it handles glossy photo paper up to 210gsm while offering control over toner adherence to improve image quality.

From a business point of view it should certainly prove popular, as speed and quality are areas where the 5670 excels. In our tests it took between five and ten seconds for a job to start after being sent to the printer but after this it came pretty close to the purported 35 pages per minute for text printing.

Quality here is exceptional, with extremely sharp lines and deep blacks putting it up there with the best in class. In terms of photo and image printing you can expect to see similar speeds on a draft setting, with some slowdown if you enable the ‘gloss print’ mode, though results here were top-notch as well. Colours were accurate and even smaller details crystal clear.

Speed and quality may be all that’s required for a printer in this market, but there are some holes in the 5670′s armour we would like to have seen filled. There’s no wireless option for connection and no provision for double-sided printing in the basic package, though you can pick up a duplex unit for about an extra £300.

The maximum resolution for images, while good enough, is available from far cheaper models and when you pair all of this with its cumbersome nature it does seem as though Konica Minolta has just thrown another speedy device into a well covered market without really finding an angle to make a difference.

Company: Konica Minolta

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Konica Minolta's 5670EN is extremely fast and offers good quality results, but the entry-level unit is overly basic and, although you can upgrade it with extras such as duplex printing and a finisher and stapler unit, these add extra expense to an already high starting price. There are also models available that offer comparable results (albeit with slower printing) at around half the price, so unless you're planning on coming close to the 120,000 pages per month maximum recommended output we'd be inclined to look elsewhere.