Lexmark – Photo Jetprinter 5770 review

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Photo of Lexmark – Photo Jetprinter 5770
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Digital imaging is, apparently, taking the world by storm. Despite the fact that digital cameras are still very expensive and offer picture quality that is marginally worse than a disposable 35mm film camera, the versatility of digital imaging, coupled with the lack of film and processing costs, is appealing. Or maybe it’s all down to the home pornography crowd. Whatever the reason, it can be a bit of a pain to have to import images from the camera to a PC, load them into a graphics application and then print them. Here’s an alternative.

Lexmark’s Photo Jetprinter 5770 is, on first inspection, just another inkjet printer. It has a top resolution of 1200 x 1200 dots per inch, a six-colour photo print system and the ability to operate as a business text and graphics printer with the optional black ink cartridge that replaces one of the existing three-colour cartridges. The cartridges have their own built-in print heads, so the print quality remains good throughout the printer’s life. The usual bread-bin shape has a hopper at the rear for 100 sheets of A4 paper – with support for envelopes, transparencies and all sorts of other interesting media – and produces sharp, impressive printouts in a reasonably short time.

But that’s not all. The Photo Jetprinter 5770 has one or two tricks up its sleeve. Two slots mounted on the left hand panel allow SmartMedia and CompactFlash memory cards to be plugged straight in. So what?, you cry. Well, since these two types of memory card account for the storage mechanisms of nearly all digital cameras on the market, it means that you can simply take a picture, slot the memory card into the printer and, using the LCD screen and menu buttons, print your pictures out immediately, without the use of a PC. There’s a list of supported cameras on Lexmark’s Web site, and it’s pretty comprehensive. You can even, with the optional cable, connect a Zip drive directly to the printer and copy your photographs onto disk.

Company: Lexmark

Contact: 01628 481500

The ability to print out images direct from many digital cameras is an interesting one, although many users will want to tweak their photographs first - after all, the thought of drawing a silly moustache on your girlfriend's face is one of the major appeals of digital imaging. Perhaps. In other respects, this is a capable inkjet printer, with a set of photographic inks and the ability to handle business colour, too. The resolution and print quality are both good, but it's only good value for money if you plan to make use of the direct printing features. Otherwise there are more cost-effective solutions available.