LG 47LW980T Nano Full LED 3D TVs – first look review

Turn split-screen gaming into full screen for two on LG's stunning 'dual action' 3D TVs
Photo of LG 47LW980T Nano Full LED 3D TVs – first look

Although this stunning Full LED TV was originally dreamed up for home cinema aficionados, LG has moved the goalposts a tad by fitting them with a rather nifty piece of tech that puts at end to split-screen gaming.

Dual-screen gaming
Platform games like Call of Duty and its ilk will never be the same again – and we’re not talking about 3D. In fact, it’s a direct consequence of the 3D tech itself. Using the basic principles of its own ‘passive’ 3D tech (LG calls it Cinema 3D, partially because of the lightweight, cheap-as-chips 3D specs it uses), these high-end LW980T screens are able – in conjunction with 3D specs – to send a different image to each eye.

That’s their normal job, but for ‘dual action’ play it’s slightly different. Special specs are required, though there’s nothing weird going on here; Player A requires a pair of specs with two right eye lenses, and Player B needs the opposite. Thus, each eye sees a totally different image.

This is strictly a 2D tech and not exactly the epitome of picture quality, either, but as a tool of convenience it’s a winner.

Delicious tech
Elsewhere, this 47in TV is delicious; a depth of 27.5mm meets a slim 16.5mm bezel, while a stunning 240 clusters of LED lights provide the brightness – or not, as required. Switching off brightness on a micro-pixel level is this set’s special skill, and it’s the reason why it’s not quite as slim as, say, Samsung’s single-digit millimetre screens.

The LG 47LW980T, which is slated for launch into retail outlets later this month, will demand a £1799 SRP. The 55in 47LW980T will cost £2499 SRP, though in our time with these monoliths we noticed vertical lines on the bigger screen that we’ve seen before on LG’s Cinema 3D TVs. 

Other features include 2D-to-3D conversion on-the-fly, a load of apps, built-in WiFi, four HDMI inputs and dual USBs.

A ‘magic remote’ can be added if you’d prefer a Nintendo Wii-style pointer, and an app is available for smartphone control, too, but it’s that dual action that we’ll remember the LG 47LW980T for.