LG Ego review

Low-cost smartphone handset that fails to inspire
Photo of LG Ego
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The LG Ego is a low-cost touchscreen handset that looks like it might be running Android. In fact, it isn’t running that OS – and in many ways it harks back to an earlier, pre-Android time.

Widgets – but not as we know them
LG has ensured that the Ego offers some stuff that might appeal to those who might otherwise fancy an Android-based handset. So you can populate the three home screens with widgets, some of which contain live data. There is a weather widget, for example, and others which pick up your Facebook and Twitter feeds. But this is not an Android handset.

Feels like yesterday
There are lots of aspects of the LG Ego that make it feel like a handset from the past, rather than a low-cost handset of today. The screen is resistive, and so it doesn’t support pinch-to-zoom. That’s not a disaster, but there’s a ‘calibrate’ screen to help you work with a stylus, which is very old-fashioned indeed.

The camera shoots at a resolution of just 2 megapixels, and video recording is rather woefully stuck at 176×144 pixels. The quality is very rough.

Tiny screen
The small screen means that the LG Ego doesn’t do itself justice as a multimedia handset. At 2.8in, it’s really too small for this style of phone. It’s difficult for adult-sized hands to accurately tap the on-screen keyboard, even though you get a wide screen Qwerty option – in tall screen, it’s a standard T9 style keyboard.

Video playback is squished, and web browsing is tricky both because of the lack of pinch to zoom mentioned earlier and because when you get a web page to a size where the text is readable, you have to do a lot of panning.

Company: LG

Website: http://www.vodafone.co.uk/

Contact: Vodafone on 08080 408 408

  • Low cost.
  • Poor camera; small screen.


Even though it offers Wi-Fi and HSDPA, the low cost LG Ego is not particularly good value for money. We suggest you take a look at the super Android handset from Orange, the San Francisco, as a budget alternative.