LG – Flatron L1732P review

17-inch LCD monitor with useful features and fast response
Photo of LG – Flatron L1732P

What are the factors that distinguish between LCD monitors? They all display PC output, take up comparatively little room on your desk and consume much less power than an equivalent CRT monitor. All these things are true of LG’s Flatron L1732P, but there are a few extras as well.

This 17-inch monitor has classically simple lines, with a silver surround, a black pedestal stand and control via pushbuttons under the bottom right edge of the fascia. An indicator LED, in the shape of a smiling mouth, glows alternately yellow and blue when in stand-by or full power mode.

The display is mounted on a single pedestal with a spring counterbalance, so you can easily position it at any height. Power and video cables run up the back of the pedestal, to keep them out of the way.

As well as being adjustable for height and tilt, you can swivel the whole monitor on its base, but that’s not all. Thanks to a full copy of Portrait Display’s Pivot Pro software, linked into LG’s ForteManager software, you can grab the display with your hands, rotate it through 90-degrees and the software follows suit a couple of seconds later, giving you a portrait format screen: useful for word processing, DTP or Web design.

ForteManager does more than screen rotation, providing colour correction and control of all other major screen parameters when the Flatron L1732P is used via its analogue input. It has a DVI input too, though, and theoretically this should give you the best picture. Auto Setup provides one-click configuration and you should only need to adjust settings once, unless you change your graphics card or PC.

Picture quality is not a problem with this monitor. We ran Displaymate on it and found the geometry and colour rendition good, with a slight drop-off in the blue registers but nothing problematic. It displayed all the greyscale levels and reproduced smooth greys when required. Subjectively, the screen produces a warm, precise image that is comfortable to view.

The monitor is rated with a 4ms response time. The argument goes that a slow response leads to ghosting and other attributes which are annoying when viewing moving content, such as games or movies. In our opinion these worries are over-rated, as we’ve yet to see problems with any monitor rated at 12ms or better, but this LG unit certainly has no difficulty with fast-moving pictures.

Company: LG

Contact: 0870 873 5454

To raise a product above the budget range of LCD monitors, it needs to offer something extra. The Flatron L1732P does this with twin DVI and analogue inputs and 90-degree screen rotation, enabled by full Pivot Pro software. Picture quality is excellent and nice touches, like an internal power supply and a spring-loaded, counterbalanced stand, make it worth its price.