LG – L1960TR review

stylish 19-inch monitor with 2ms response time
Photo of LG – L1960TR

The L1960TR is a stylish 19-inch flat screen monitor. Resplendent in deep black, and sat atop a stand featuring a polished marble-style finish, it certainly impresses straight out of the box. It’s easy to set up, slotting into the stand and locking in one simple move, and cable tidies are provided at the back to keep everything nice and neat.

The monitor’s controls are cleverly tucked away on the side of the screen – although the buttons are a touch stiff – and even the on-off switch is unobtrusive, simply being a touch-sensitive spot at the base of the panel which is pressed with a mere brush of the finger. If we had to choose one word to sum up the overall design, it would have to be “slick”. The build quality is very solid and the panel tilts up to 20 degrees backwards on the stand (or 5 degrees forwards, should you wish).

Turning the monitor on, the first thing you’ll reach for is your sunglasses. For some reason, the brightness is set to 100 percent by default, so that needs to be turned down to a more palatable level pretty sharpish. The L1960 doesn’t come with any calibration software, just a basic driver and an even more basic pidgin English PDF manual. Luckily, it’s all simple enough to figure out, and the picture is excellent once you’ve adjusted the brightness and contrast down somewhat.

The display is crisp and clean under Windows, but fire up a 3D shooter and the monitor’s 2ms response time really shines, with no ghosting detectable. The L1960 produces some gorgeously rich colours and bold blacks (it also boasts an impressive 3,000:1 contrast ratio), and we were further pleased to find there were no dead pixels on our review model. However, there are a couple of weaknesses with the picture.

Firstly, the L1960 suffers from a touch of backlight bleed-through at the extremes of the screen. Also, the viewing angle isn’t the strongest we’ve seen, particularly in the vertical plane. However, neither of these are big enough issues that they impacted our enjoyment of the monitor’s rich colours.

A final mention goes to LG’s Flatron F-Engine technology, a range of enhanced display modes for text viewing, movie watching and gaming, plus there’s one that’s user definable. We weren’t hugely impressed with the default settings, but we found when fiddling with the user definable mode we could add a more vivid edge to the colours in games, which was an added bonus.

Company: LG

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These days, bigger widescreen monitors are becoming more and more popular, but if you're in the market for a 19-inch, 5:4 aspect ratio display, then this temptingly priced LG screen provides a picture with superb colours and contrast levels that's particularly well suited to gaming (and movies too, bar the lack of widescreen).