LG – X110 review

netbook only available on mobile broadband contract
Photo of LG – X110
£35 (per month)

LG doesn’t release laptops in the UK. Or at least it didn’t. But it has just released the X110, which is one of the new netbook machines. In this case it comes with mobile broadband and is classed as free if you are prepared to commit yourself to a 24-month contract.

We could only find it available from Phones4u and it is on three contracts. In all cases you pay £35 per month. On Orange there is a 3GB data cap with maximum data speed of 1.8Mbps. On Vodafone the data cap is also 3GB but speed tops out at 7.2Mbps. 3 only goes to 2.8Mbps but the data cap is 5GB. So, if you aren’t that bothered about super fast downloading, 3 seems to have the best offer.

In all cases both pink and white versions of the X110 are available.

This is one of the best netbooks we’ve seen. The build quality is superb and in particular the keyboard is very well made and has a positive feel to it. You might find its size a little lacking if you have larger hands, but we had no trouble touch-typing at a fair old lick.

The 10-inch screen has 1024 x 600 pixels, or 1024 x 768 if you don’t mind panning around to see the whole lot. Of course the X110 is lightweight at just a shade over 1kg, and it is small enough to carry easily in a bag.

It runs Windows XP Home and has a 160GB hard drive. There are 3 USB ports, a VGA out port, Ethernet connector, flash card reader for SD and Memory Stick formats, and headphones and microphone connectors.

There is a webcam for video calling and its software has some fun features like image distortion as well as some useful ones like video capture and a YouTube upload link. Wi-Fi is on board which could help you conserve those gigabytes in your broadband data usage package. And Bluetooth is here too.

All in all the specifications make this a very alluring computer, and we can see how it could function as the sole computer for some people. That large hard drive really helps things out in this department.

However, there is no optical drive which will mitigate against it being the main computer for many people. We aren’t too happy about the speaker location either. Sited on the underside of the casing, sound is all too easily muffled when the X110 is on your lap. And battery life is a bit less than we’d like.

Company: LG

Contact: 0800 0725 855

Over 24 months you'll end up splashing out a lot for this ‘free' laptop, so make sure you really need the mobile broadband before going for it. We'd like to see it available priced and SIM-free, though, as it could be a superb little computer for some users.