LifeSort review

Organise your life with the cloud, sharing files online with family and friends
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Organising and sharing a wide range of content is essential to most modern users, and we’ve seen a wide range of software offering quick and easy ways to store content in the ‘cloud’ for remote access or to send to others. LifeSort is one of the more intriguing concepts, as it also seeks to change the way you manage files on your home computer by offer a colourful alternative to standard windows and folders.

Lifesort requires a short (free) registration before installation – but from this point on, you’ll have all the information you need to log in to the desktop client and the online storage.

How LifeSort works
The majority of the service’s functionality comes courtesy of the LifeBar, a visual interface that sits on the desktop. This consists of a series of colourful icons detailing three categories labelled ‘Personal’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Media’.

Each of these headings contains sub-categories such as ‘friends and family’, ‘Home and garden’ and ‘Lifestyle’, which upon selection open a folder into which you can drag and drop files and access additional features.

The LifeBar is nicely customisable, and allows full control over the category types and names, screen position, size, and colour. Customising the LifeBar and populating these folders with files is just the start however, and LifeSort offers a range of ways to access this content remotely yourself, and to share it with others.

Additional features
First up, you’ll find that the LifeSort package offers 2GB of free online storage into which you can upload files by synchronising content. These files can then be accessed by logging into the LifeSort site with your username and password, where you’ll see an exact replica of the LifeBar from your desktop, with all your synchronised files in place.

It’s also possible to share content with other LifeSort users by adding them to a contacts list, with full control over read/write access and the ability to add a message description.

Finally, a tool called QuickFlip allows you to drag and drop web pages into a dedicated window and browse them at a glance, open the full page in a browser or share and synchronise these links as you would with files.

Will it change your life?
Provided you’re willing to take the time at the start to get things organised and keep them that way, LifeSort offers a whole range of benefits, both for individual use and for file-sharing with friends.

As well as offering remote access to files via the sync function, it’s dead easy to share your favourite files and links with others – though of course the crunch here is that you’ll need to convince your friends to sign up as well.

With 2GB of online storage available for free, however, we can’t think of many reasons why organised types wouldn’t want to get on board, and the customisable, visual nature of the software is such that tech-beginners will feel right at home.

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  • Customisable, visual interface; free online storage; a range of ways to share files.
  • Other users need LifeSort to share; takes time to keep things organised.


LifeSort is a nice idea that's executed very well - and considering it's free, there's no reason not to give it a try. The range of customisation options is impressive and most will find it an excellent way to manage a wide range of content, both locally and online.