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Hardened gamers who want to use a gamepad with their PC will happily tell you that the best route is to get an adapter that allows a PlayStation 2 pad to be used in a USB port. Still, that would perhaps be unfair on the nicely evolving range of Logitech pads, which do offer a worthy alternative.

Here we take a quick look at three of Logitech’s latest gamepads, to give you an idea of which one is the best for you.

Click on the ‘NEXT’ link below to find out more.And that option is this. We’re talking about the Cordless Rumblepad 2, which is the first such pad this reviewer has used that’s worked (nearly) without fault.

As with all wireless pads, it’s relatively heavy – which takes into account the weight of a couple of batteries – but aside from that it’s a very strong device (it works on the 2.4GHz frequency, incidentally). It’s a breeze to set up, with a receiver connecting to your USB port, and we had it running in a matter of minutes.

There was one side effect we weren’t expecting though, and that’s that our wireless keyboard stopped working as a result. It’s probably due to some kind of wireless interference, but it’s an annoying thing to happen, particularly if you want to use the keyboard and pad at the same time, as you will with many games.

However, if you can stand that and the slightly extra bulk, it’s a good investment.That said, the Logitech Precision USB Pad is perhaps not your best choice of the three devices on show here if you’re looking for a controller capable of matching what the PlayStation 2 item has to offer.

This controller is a pretty basic device, as the price tag would rightly lead you to suspect, and while it would do the job to a reasonable standard, a few extra pounds really can get you something better.

The key exclusion here is an analogue controller stick, which for the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer and many other titles, including driving games, gives you a level of control that you really do need.

Without that stick, you have to make do with an admittedly comfortable thumb pad and four buttons. It might be deal for platforming games, but there don’t seem to be many of those on the PC any more, and probably won’t be too many in the future.And so we look further up the line to a pad that’s a much more deserving cause. The Rumblepad 2 Vibration Feedback USB is more comfortable and far more capable, and happily gives one of those aforementioned PlayStation 2 pads a run for its money.

Mind you, you could argue that this is because Logitech’s unit appears really quite closely aligned to the Sony way of thinking. So you get a couple of analogue sticks, shoulder buttons, four buttons on the face and a thumbpad as well.

And as the name suggests, it also rumbles. Can’t argue with that. A bit of feedback while you’re kicking the ball in a footie game or running over the edge of the kerb in a rallying game is all to the good.

The Rumblepad 2 Vibration Feedback USB is, all things considered, an excellent gaming device, and very deserving of the extra funds it demands over the Precision pad. But then there’s one more option to consider.All of these pads come with the software to get them up and running. Logitech bundles in a couple of utilities you can easily get off the Internet for free as well (the likes of GameSpy Arcade, for instance).

All three are constructed well, and we suspect the overwhelming majority of people would be perfectly contented with the wired Rumblepad 2 Vibration Feedback USB. Nonetheless, that wireless device is also worth a go. Both are excellent gaming devices, but we suspect the Precision USB Pad is a false economy.

Me? I’ve got some more football to go and play. Reckon the pad must be broken, though, because I can’t score for toffee…

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