Logitech – V500 Cordless Notebook Mouse review

tiny wire-free mouse for laptop users
Photo of Logitech – V500 Cordless Notebook Mouse

One person’s favourite mouse is another’s horror story. The variance in personal taste is one reason Logitech has made a real name for itself in replacement mice and keyboards, producing alternatives that cater to different needs. The company has also, though, developed a real knack for innovation, and this new cordless V500 shows that.

Designed for notebook users, the V500 is just 65g in weight and comes with a tiny USB port adapter – Logitech calls it a Micro-Receiver – and a carry case large enough to take both of these and the pair of AAA batteries that power the mouse.

When not in use the USB port adapter can be slotted into a space on the bottom front edge of the mouse, which then, if you flick a switch on the underside of the mouse, concertinas into the casing. So now you can carry adapter and mouse together without fear of losing the former. When this Micro-Receiver storage area is inside the casing, the mouse is automatically switched off, which helps save battery power.

It’s a clever system, and doubles as a usability feature, because with the USB receptacle area in its ‘down’ position, the wrist end of the V500 is raised higher than the finger end, enabling the mouse to acquire the ‘nose downwards’ slant that helps it fit nicely in the palm of the hand. And because the mouse is symmetrical in design, both left and right handers should feel at home with it.

The V500 really is plug and go. Insert batteries into the mouse, plug the Micro-Receiver into a USB port, and you are ready to start pointing and clicking. The mouse is optical, and we found it worked well on a wide range of surfaces.

There are the usual left and right ‘buttons’, though they are not actually buttons separate from the casing, just areas onto which you can apply pressure. The scroll wheel has been eliminated as a moving part and therefore liable to damage in transit. Instead there is a bar between the left and right button areas which you slide your finger along to scroll up, down, left and right. Holding your finger down on a painted arrow on this area results in continuous scrolling in the direction indicated.

The CD supplied with the V500 contains some additional software in the shape of Logitech’s SetPoint and some other tools. SetPoint allows you to configure the V500′s buttons, tweak its settings and see how its batteries are doing, but you don’t have to install it to begin using the V500.

Logitech says the mouse should have a range of 30 feet. Testing this we got so far away from our laptop that the cursor was just a tiny spec, but we were still able to control it, so we’d say that the range is within the limits of what you’d expect for practical usability.

Company: Logitech

Contact: 020 7309 0127

The V500 is one of the best notebook mice we've seen. It is easy to use, designed with robustness in mind, and even comes with its own carrying case. It's not exactly a throwaway price, but if you need a laptop mouse, this is certainly one worth considering.