Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 review

Quality wireless speaker with USB and Bluetooth for PC and Mac
Photo of Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515

Fancy sharing all those 10,000 tunes on your iPad or iPhone when you’re out with your mates at a decent volume, without having to pass your earphones round the circle? The Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 is designed to do just that, providing a decent level and quality of sound without the need to carry a boombox on your shoulder.

Fashioned in sturdy black plastic and less than 26 cm wide, the Z515 comes with a rechargeable battery that will last a good ten hours before it needs more juice (or you can use the supplied power lead when you’re indoors).

Bluetooth connection
Once the battery is charged, you can pair up your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth up to 50 feet way – or as a last resort plug your MP3 player directly into the side of the machine using them 3.5mm stereo jack.

Setting up the Bluetooth connection takes just seconds, and then your tracks ring out through the speaker’s dual two-inch drivers with little or no distortion – even at full blast. Stereo sound quality is generally good, but there’s a notable absence of heavy bass, so the Z515 won’t be ideal for a full-on dance session.

USB dongle
If you don’t happen to have an iPhone/iPad, and if all your music library is stored on your laptop and you want to create an impressive aural background in your lounge or kitchen, then don’t despair. The Z515 comes with a USB wireless adapter that works under Windows or Mac OS – and the best news is that quality is superior to the Bluetooth version.

Logitech has even provided a small storage compartment in the back of the unit to keep the adapter safe, as well as a storage bag for the entire speaker with a separate section to store your power lead. For use around the home, it would have been useful to have a remote to lower or mute the sound – but otherwise, this is a truly impressive portable speaker system.

Company: Logitech

Website: http://www.logitech.com/

Contact: Logitech on 0203 024 8159

  • Quick wireless connection; good audio quality.
  • Lacking a bit of bass.


Whether you're planning on having an outside gathering with your friends or just want to listen to your favourite music tracks in another part of the house, Logitech's Wireless Speaker Z515 gives you the mobile flexibility at a decent volume.