Logitech Z906 Speaker System review

THX-certified 5.1 speaker package that promises “theatre quality” sound
Photo of Logitech Z906 Speaker System

Logitech’s Z906 is a 5.1 surround package that’s designed to be hooked up to either your PC or your TV, as a home cinema system. It boasts three digital inputs, two optical and one coaxial, along with a standard analogue RCA input, and a 6-channel direct input so that it can be connected to your PC’s sound card or indeed laptop’s headphone jack.

Compact speakers

The speakers themselves consist of the usual four satellites and a centre speaker, all of which have to be wired up to connectors on the back of the subwoofer. The speakers are pretty light and compact, with the subwoofer being a more solid, chunkier piece of hardware. Setup is simple; once the speaker wires have been attached, the central display console also needs to be plugged into the subwoofer – and then you’re away (a very basic remote control is also provided).

So, does the sound produced live up to the Z906’s THX branding? Well, it doesn’t bring a truly cinematic sound directly into your front room or study, but it definitely delivers a close enough approximation. Overall, a pleasingly rounded room-filling sound is produced with decent surround placing (DTS is supported, but sadly there’s no HDMI input and therefore no DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD support).

Given the size of the satellite speakers and their lightweight nature, they produce a surprising level of volume. The 165 Watt subwoofer does a good job of marshalling some meaty effects, ensuring the likes of explosions and gunfire have some real substance in their delivery. The balance of the sound stage is nicely honed, with these effects not proving too overbearing. This is all while the centre speaker remains clear, when it comes to movie dialogue.

Music matters

In terms of musical performance, the system proved almost equally adept, although it had a touch of trouble with some sources. For example, a DTS DVD of one of our favourite rock bands showed some distortion at the top end, which was a slight concern. That said, distortion levels with most music or indeed movies generally weren’t a problem, only creeping in slightly as the volume knob is turned right up.

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  • Delivers some good meaty sound at its price level.
  • A little distortion crept in on the music front at times; no HDMI input.


The Z906 delivers a pretty impressive sound quality for its budget price tag, and it can be purchased for a fair bit less than the RRP, if you shop around online. If you don’t want to break the bank buying separates, this is a good compromise to provide some meaty surround sound for your home cinema setup.