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When Lotus originally launched Organizer (or Organiser, if you want to Anglicise the name), users and critics alike were impressed with its interface, which resembled the popular paper-based personal organisers of the time. Five incarnations later, and we have Organizer 6, which again has a familiar, friendly interface that gives a nod in the general direction of the Filofax.

But there’s a lot more to this package than just a diary, address book and notepad. Those three things are present, of course, but you also get a call manager that tracks your phone calls, plus several tightly integrated schedulers, planners and to-do lists. These features are comprehensive, with plenty of options available, yet easy to use – the user interface is uncluttered, and it’s only when you make a new entry, or edit an existing one, that the various options are presented. Even then, customisation is easy; for example, you simply drag a bar to set the length in time of a particular appointment.

There are more PIM (personal information manager) features in this latest version of Organizer, too. This includes tight integration with popular e-mail clients, easy import and linking of Web pages (including fast login to password-protected sites), shared calendars and contact lists and PDA support for Palm OS-based machines. And in addition to the phone dialler, there’s now a mobile phone contact synchroniser, courtesy of FoneSync from Paragon Software.

At one level, Organizer 6 has to compete against products such as Microsoft’s Outlook, which obviously has a head-start as far as operating system integration is concerned. But the Lotus product is superior in many ways, particularly once you get to grips with some of its more unique features, like the Web, phone and PDA integration.

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At its heart this is a simple program with some powerful features. Lotus has managed to add useful options without compromising the clean interface and usability. Organizer 6 has been out for a few months now, but there's still nothing that we've seen that can touch it as a general-purpose PIM.