Mad Catz: Cyborg M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse review

Is this the gaming mouse MMO fans have been waiting for?
Photo of Mad Catz: Cyborg M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse

If you’re seriously into massively multiplayer online gaming and want to get that edge on the opposition in WoW, Middle Earth or Alderaan, then you’d be wise to check out Cyborg’s latest uber-programmable gaming mouse – the M.M.O. 7.

Not only does this mouse look incredibly cool in its striking shades of black and orange, but you can also vary the positions of thumb and palm rests as well as swap out pinkie grips and palm rests to suit your hand size. Five weights are provided to tinker with balance and the new Twin Eye Laser Engine lets you use a dedicated button to customise four DPI settings ranging from 25 to 6400.

Gaming heaven

Other novelties include a 5D button that functions as a mini joystick, two Action Lock buttons to latch the main mouse buttons for continuous actions, plus an astonishing 78 possible button settings using six programmable modes. Once you’ve downloaded the Smart Technology Profile Editor you can tinker with colours, DPI and precision aiming, as well as set up preset configurations for most current MMO, FPS, Action and RPG games.

Although the sheer volume of combinations can seem daunting and the positioning of some of the buttons means you’ll find yourself occasionally bumping against the wrong ones accidentally, there’s no question this has to be the Holy Grail for hardcore MMO fans.

Company: Mad Catz


Contact: 01908 336530

  • 78 button combinations and the Action Lock ability
  • You can bump some controls accidentally


It looks cool, it has zillions of programmable possibilities, can be adjusted to fit the size of your hand, has an extremely welcome Action Lock system plus excellent software and MMO presets - so what are you waiting for?