Mad Catz TRITTON AX 120 review

Entry level stereo gaming headset for X360 & PC
Photo of Mad Catz TRITTON AX 120

To be a serious gamer these days you have to join the big boys online in some form of head-to-head, co-op or multiplayer experience – which is where a good headset comes in. The TRITTON range from Mad Catz is a good place to start as it caters for all budgets. The AX 120 is its entry-level model.

Separate gaming and chat controls for X360 and PC
This headset is aimed at Xbox 360 and PC usage (no joy for PS3 owners) and is built around a pair of 40mm speakers housed inside some thickly padded earcups that feel firm yet comfortable. It comes with a detachable mic, a 2.75m cable, so you can sit on the sofa while punching buttons; an Xbox Live cable to attach to your handset; and two sets of adaptors for HDMI or component consoles. PC setup is even simpler – just plug in the USB, pink and green jacks and you’re ready to go.

Unusually for a basic model, the AX 120 has separate controls for chat and game volume, which is ideal for co-op play – and when you’ve finished gaming, you can attach the supplied audio adaptor to your MP3 or iPod.

As for the sound quality, you certainly feel like you’re in the middle of the action in CoD: Black Ops, able to pick out the direction of individual sounds and voices. It’s not top-notch – it could do with some more boom, for starters – but it’s a pretty good introduction to headset gaming.

Company: Mad Catz

Contact: +1 619 683 9830

  • Individual controls for gaming and chat.
  • Not PS3-compatible.


The TRITTON AX 120 headset feels comfortable, plugs into Xbox 360, PC and MP3, has a detachable mic and provides good all-round basic stereo sound - an affordable intro to headset gaming.