Magnetic Soft – Folder Castle review

straightforward data protection
Photo of Magnetic Soft – Folder Castle
$39.95 (approx. £20)

The latest tool to claim to add a bit of welcome privacy to the standard PC, Folder Castle is a small download but packs in enough to satisfy some basic security needs.

On installation you’re asked to come up with a password, and it’s well worth making doubly sure you remember it. There’s no routine to ensure your password is particularly strong, nor a chance to double type it, so you need to be sure you hit the mark first time (to be fair, the program does offer some hints as to how to create a secure password).

Then, once you’re into the program proper, there are several ways in which Folder Castle allows you to go about your business. Firstly, you can simply use Windows Explorer and take advantage of the added options on the right-click menu.

Here you can choose to hide a folder from public view quickly and easily. Sadly, it then took us a little while to realise how to find said folders again, so effective was the protection. What we discovered is that it’s worth activating the Folder Castle toolbar, which has an ‘unhide’ button for a given folder. Click that, enter your password and the folders return. Phew.

You can also manage all of this from the main program window, the Folder Castle Command Center. This is a straightforward window with little complexity to it. From here you also have the option to create a hidden virtual drive, using a slice of your existing storage space (be it on a hard drive or USB stick). This is a handy feature, and again it’s simple enough to activate.

Very much in Folder Castle’s corner is its simplicity. There’s no expanse of menus here, nor any sign of an avalanche of options. You have but a few simple choices, as the program turns up, does its job and leaves you in peace.

It certainly has enough in its locker to deter the casual data thief. But it does seem to sacrifice the depth and breadth of something like Steganos Safe in favour of simplicity. There’s no USB key option to unlock folders, for instance, and nor does it offer much variance in the way it does its work. Folder Castle 2.1 is also crying out for better help files than the ones provided.

But still, for a small, easy-to-use tool to stow away important, personal data, Folder Castle 2.1 has plenty of merit. It’s a basic utility which offers fine protection for your data. Just don’t forget that password, though…

Company: Magnetic Soft

A perfectly fine method by which you can give your data a hiding place. Not as feature-rich and detailed as some of the security packages on the market, but it makes up for that with its sheer simplicity of use.