Memonic note-taking software review

Collate the most vital information from web pages and documents with ease
Photo of Memonic note-taking software
£18 (one year)

Content sharing over the internet is growing ever more popular, and Memonic’s note-taking software offers a flexible alternative to saving reams of bookmarks, images and other files to view or send to others. The bulk of the software is accessed through a webpage, which shows all saved files, allows you to edit text and images, create sets of similarly themed content and set up groups of friends to share with. This is essentially rather simplistic, but where the application really comes into its own is through the use of add-ons for web browsers and additional software for desktops and smartphones.

Platform support
With a web browser plugin installed (all major browsers are supported), it’s possible to grab specific parts of web pages and incorporate them into a single document, create bookmarks, opt to ‘read pages later’, and write notes with just a few clicks.

Applications are also available to download for the iOS and Android platforms, and using this software it’s possible to view your Memonic account, write notes and take photos to incorporate into a collection. These apps are free, so provided you have a Memonic account set up, friends and family can log in to view what you’ve created.

Finally, a small desktop-based application duplicates much of this functionality, and allows content to be pulled from local documents and files in a similar way to a web browser. All of this is added to the main account page and can be synchronised with any connected devices – so you can view this key content from anywhere. It’s quick and easy to share via email, Twitter or Facebook, and privacy settings are available to ensure that only those with permission can view the files.

Free or Premium?
Memonic is available for free with a limited account that allows you to store 100 items and create three groups. The Premium account, which costs £18 per year, offers unlimited items and groups and includes SSL encryption, which for many users will be a must.

Company: Memonic

Contact: +41 44 586 98 98

  • Fast and easy to use, and a great time saver in the right environment.
  • Somewhat limited functionality from smartphones.


We can certainly see the appeal of Memonic and could imagine it being used to, for example, plan a holiday with key content from a range of websites (such as flight times, hotel information, local attractions etc.) to compile onto one handy page to either view or send elsewhere. In the right environment, it's a massive time-saver - and with content accessible anywhere it's a great way to plan ahead.