Microsoft – Money 2001 review

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£29.95 + VAT

For those new to Money, this is a complete personal finance manager, not just a bank account and cash flow organiser. Money organises your savings and investments, and tracks performance with a built-in portfolio manager. You can quickly see your top five best and worst performers, analyse performance and calculate risk and return. You can also enter buy, sell, or other trade transactions from this one place – you can even get an instant quote online, with links to the Microsoft Web site with plenty of financial information on tap.

Long term financial planning is still a major part of the Money mix in 2001, the software using your stipulated personal goals to arrive at a ‘lifetime plan’, which is a touchingly optimistic feature. This latest version also offers the ability to prioritise those financial objectives, with spending, budgeting and forecasting improved to match.

You can, of course, still use Money 2001 to look after your bank and cash accounts. You can either type in details of cheques and deposits into the on-screen cash book or use the built-in online banking facilities. Money will download your bank statement for you, enter the transactions found into your computer bank account, and check those that have cleared for quick and easy bank reconciliation – welcome to 21st century bookkeeping…

Money 2001 now has more life plan information displayed on the data entry register, showing possible financial opportunities and pitfalls at all times. The set-up wizard has also been improved, with the aim of making those first few steps somewhat simpler. In addition, the Financial Suite has more personalised feedback now, analysing your cash flow patterns so you can make more informed choices from the information you see on the screen.

Company: Microsoft

Contact: 0345 002000

Money 2001 is a very big product for a little price, and should be approached with the appropriate level of perseverance if you want to get the most from it. There's very little here for upgraders from Money 2000, but if you want a personal finance package to look after all your monetary objectives Money 2001 is it; at least until Quicken 2001 arrives!