Microsoft – Motorcross Madness 2 review

Photo of Microsoft – Motorcross Madness 2

The second edition of Microsoft’s daredevil biking game is much faster than its predecessor, and is aimed at biking addicts who enjoy the speed and excitement of stunt racing without the associated risk of multiple fractures. The graphics are authentic as you ride over textured landscapes and urban tracks, and the action is fast-paced as you scale rock faces at 120mph, accelerate over cliff tops and scramble through rough terrain.

The game begins once you’ve selected a basic bike and some leathers. You will then be ready to start your career on the racing circuit. The aim of the game is to race for a living and progress through the motorcross rankings. To succeed on the Supercross circuit, the player has to compete in races or stunt jumping competitions and win cash prizes and bonuses. The prize money can be invested later in the game in a more powerful motorbike. Yamaha, KTM and Honda are just three of the companies who have given Microsoft permission to feature their latest machines.

There are six event types to choose from, including Nationals, where the player races on an outdoor track, and Supercross, where the rider performs in an arena. Baja courses have the player tearing through open landscapes against the clock, and the new Enduro option involves driving through a populated area, dodging traffic and hazards along the way. Should be renamed ‘City Courier’, really. These games can also be played using the new online multiplayer mode.

Valuable points can also be earned by bikers in the stunt quarry. Players can show off and perform slightly unlikely stunts, including the Heart Attack, the Nac-Nac, the Bar Hop, the Split X (sounds excruciating!) and the Big Kahuna. A success in the stunt quarry will lead to fame, glory and the coveted Supercircuit honours. Failure will result in financial debt and a sore derrière.

Company: Microsoft

Motorcross Madness 2 is wheelie great fun (ouch, sorry!) for racing enthusiasts. Realism, attention to detail and improved crash sequences (very important) will ensure the popularity of this game.