Miro – Hiscore2 3D review

PCI 3Dfx Voodoo2 3D-only card
Photo of Miro – Hiscore2 3D
£195 + VAT (approximately)

Sometimes, owning a PC can be a frustrating experience. You buy the newest, shiniest, most expensive and fastest computer that you can find, and then six months later it’s almost obsolete. Not for business applications, but for games, which seem to double in complexity and graphical prettiness every few months. Short of gritting your teeth and parting with loads more cash for a new machine, while resigning the old one to use as a door-stop, what can you do?

Well, what you could do is give your machine the equivalent of an adrenaline injection straight into the heart. 3D graphics accelerators can take much of the stress away from your PC’s processor and (at least for a short while) there’s nothing faster for 3D games than the Voodoo2 chipset from 3Dfx. The Miro Hiscore2 3D is a PCI card based on that Voodoo2 chipset, and has 12MB of memory but absolutely no 2D capability whatsoever. This means that you have to connect it to your existing graphics card using the supplied cable. Once that’s done, and you’ve installed DirectX, you can start playing games at a considerably enhanced rate.

Accelerating Direct3D-, OpenGL- and Glide-based games, this card produces lightning-fast 3D graphics with the latest games on even a 166MHz system, as we discovered. Frame rates are high, the graphical detail is excellent and, with games that support the 3Dfx chipset natively, the 3D experience is vastly improved. If money is no object, you can even connect two of these cards together in the same PC (so-called Scan Line Interleave mode), for absolutely stunning 3D performance.

The Hiscore2 3D card features a TV output socket so that you can play games in the comfort of your living room, and comes with a selection of 3D games demos which show off the features of the card.

Company: Miro

Contact: 00 49 18 05 22 35 26

This is not the cheapest 3D solution available, but it is arguably the most effective for users wanting to upgrade their existing PCs and have the benefit of TV output. The SLI option, however, is only for the truly dedicated.