MYOB – Accounting Plus v16 review

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£297 + VAT

When last we looked at MYOB Accounting Plus we found it to be a very capable small business accounting package, best suited to users with existing bookkeeping expertise rather than complete beginners. Since then it’s been further updated, albeit with no real changes to the user interface or the need for basic accounting knowledge, but with the addition of a number of a number of useful information-sharing and productivity features.

The most obvious of the new features is the ability to synchronise MYOB contacts with Microsoft Outlook and the Apple AddressBook. A long overdue enhancement, given the almost universal use of such applications, and one which will let you access the same customer information no matter which program you’re using. It’s also well implemented and easy to use.

Elsewhere you can generate and e-mail remittance advices to suppliers when payments are made, rather than having to manually re-input the data. Likewise it’s possible to create corresponding purchase orders when a sales invoice or quote is produced.

You can now also undo bank reconciliations and unravel any associated transactions, which is a lot easier than having to apply multiple corrections when errors have been made. Moreover it’s possible to undo multiple reconciliations. However, re-applying all those undone transactions will still be a long and tedious process, so it needs to be used with care and possibly only when there’s been a major error that can’t be fixed by some other means.

Transactions can now be pre-dated in this release, with an extended search tool to find recurring transactions being another useful addition. Templates for the printing of credit application forms are similarly to be welcomed, along with the ability to automatically adjust invoices that cause negative stock levels. Payroll too has been enhanced, particularly the import and export tools, plus there’s a new verification facility to see exactly what payments will be made before they’re recorded.

OK, it’s not a major update, with the Outlook synchronisation arguably the most noteworthy of the new tools. However, it’s a worthwhile upgrade for existing customers and is available for both the basic MYOB Accounting package (£212 plus VAT) and the Accounting Plus package we reviewed. The Plus version adds multi-currency support, professional time billing and advanced stock control facilities on top of the basic ledgers, VAT and payroll options. The Plus version also supports multiple users (additional licensing is required) and is to be recommended for larger companies.

Naturally, the MYOB software is fully accredited by HM Revenue and Customs, which means you can use it for e-filing to qualify for tax incentives. However, there aren’t as many add-on third party products available – and far fewer professional services – for MYOB compared to some of the better known products.

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Not a major upgrade but worth considering if you're an existing MYOB user, for the new contact synchronisation tools, the ability to undo bank reconciliations and other productivity enhancements. The user interface, however, remains the same and you still need a modicum of bookkeeping expertise to get the best out of this package.