Nokia – 3110 Evolve review

mid-range mobile with eco-friendly credentials
Photo of Nokia – 3110 Evolve
£89 (SIM-free)

If you are an eco-conscious type then you might take the environment into consideration whenever you look at making a new purchase. In the case of technology this can be a little daunting, and when it comes to mobile phones it can seem an impossible task.

Nokia hopes to give you a hand with its 3110 Evolve, which has been designed to appeal to those wanting to salve their eco-conscience while buying a new mobile phone.

It has a fascia that is made of 50 percent renewable materials. Its packaging is made from 60 percent recycled materials and is itself fully recyclable. Then there is the phone’s charger. This reduces the energy it draws from the mains to a minimum when it has finished charging the phone, so that you aren’t consuming more energy than you need if you forget to unplug the phone when it has finished charging (though this should be the case with all ‘intelligent’ chargers).

The phone looks and feels fine. It’s a candybar design, weighs just 87g and measures 108.5mm tall, 45.7mm wide and 15.6mm thick. The number pad is large enough for comfortable use but the screen lets things down. It measures just 1.8 inches across diagonal corners and delivers just 128 x 160 pixels, making it lacklustre when set against the leading edge screens on today’s mainstream mobile phones.

It isn’t the screen or the overall phone design that draw us away from this mobile, though. Its features are the real drawback. The 3110 Evolve runs the S40 operating system, which is less advanced than S60, and this hampers it somewhat.

Opera Mini is provided as the Web browser, so if you want to use the tri-band GSM connection for browsing, the experience is quite good, if slow. There is mobile e-mail support, a voice recorder, calendar, alarm clock, notes application, timer, stopwatch and a music player. An FM radio rounds out the features, and the 32MB of built-in memory can be added to with microSD cards.

The built-in camera is below par. It shoots stills at a maximum resolution of 1.3-megapixels and lacks flash, autofocus or self-portrait mirror. We noticed a fair amount of shutter lag while testing the handset, too.

What this all adds up to is a phone that sits firmly in the mid-range area, and therein lies its big problem. It isn’t going to appeal to those who want the latest features and that is a pity.

We can’t see why Nokia couldn’t have gone for recycled materials in one of its flagship mobiles. That would have been really showing some commitment to the eco cause. The 3110 Evolve feels like a tentative toe in the water rather than a real commitment.

Company: Nokia

Contact: 08700 555 777

The 3110 Evolve is a mid-range phone with a camera that is definitely below par. It may suit you if you don't want high end mobile functions, but if you are drawn to its eco credentials you are going to have to settle for mid-range features.