Nokia – C6-01 review

Slimline smartphone running Nokia's ^3 operating system
Photo of Nokia – C6-01
£279 , SIM-free

Nokia embarked on a whole new direction with the recent announcement that it is joining forces with Microsoft to develop handsets for Windows Phone, in a bid to take on smartphone giants the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android OS. In the mean time, Nokia is continuing with the launch of more bread-and-butter handsets based on its existing Symbian operating system. The C6-01 runs ^3, the most up to date version of the Symbian OS, designed to cater for touchscreen fans.

The trouble with Symbian
The problem for ^3 is that it isn’t far enough away from older versions of Symbian to compete well with the likes of Android or Apple’s iOS. Having three home screens which you can fill with shortcuts is welcome, but the use of nested menus rather than a single apps list is not.

Nokia’s having to tread a fine line, though, as the company obviously feels it can’t alienate existing Symbian fans by being too radical.

Solid built quality
The C6-01 itself is nicely built. The 3.2in screen dominates the handset’s front fascia, and its 640×360 pixels are sharp and bright. The screen is a bit small for media viewing and web browsing though – and we also found text entry a challenge at times. In ‘wide’ mode, you get an on-screen qwerty keyboard that’s a bit cramped for larger hands. In ‘tall’ mode, all you get is a phone-style multitap keyboard, which is slow and fiddly to use.

These shortcomings are a trade-off, though, as overall the C6-01 is pocket-friendly and light. Build quality is fantastic, too, with a metal backplate that helps the handset feel really solid.

The smartphone essentials of Wi-Fi, GPS and HSDPA are here, as is a well-specified 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash. There’s even a front-facing camera for video calling.

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Nokia fans ought to like ^3, which retains much that is familiar while still managing to add new features. The C6-01 is also a well built phone. It's the kind of handset that ought to see you through till the fruits of the Nokia/Microsoft partnership start to emerge.