Nokia debuts cut-price models review

Photo of Nokia debuts cut-price models

Nokia has been quick to address reports of rather sluggish sales on some of its new handsets in Europe by targeting the entry-level market with four new models.

For the most part these are cut-down versions of other popular phones, like the XpressMusic 5310, omitting some of the more ‘luxurious’ features to offer consumers better value for money.

At the bottom end of the scale is the 1680 Classic, touted as the Finnish giant’s most affordable handset to date. It features a VGA camera offering video recording and playback, GPRS connectivity, 32MB of built-in memory and MP3 playback, set to retail for around 50 euros.

The 2680 is a budget slider with an FM radio offering recording facilities, Bluetooth and a similar quality camera set at around 75 euros.

The 7070 prism will probably be a bit of a niche product due to its quirky ‘diamond cut‘ design, offering a 1.8-inch display, hands-free speaker, voice recorder and personalised themes.

At the top of the bottom of its range comes the new Nokia 5000. Based on its XpressMusic series, it’s slightly more capable than the rest with a 1.3-megapixel digital camera, FM radio and recorder, Bluetooth and GPRS, and should cost around 90 euros.

The models are expected to trickle into the market this summer, so entry-level users should have quite the selection to choose from.