Nokia – E65 review

S60-based 3G business phone
Photo of Nokia – E65
£329 (SIM-free), check operators for contacts

Nokia’s N and E series handsets respectively cater for high-end consumers and corporate customers. The E series has recently had a bit of a refurb, with three new handsets being announced. The E61i is a revamp of the mini-keyboarded BlackBerry-alike E61; the E90 is a long-awaited addition to the clamshell Communicator range.

The E65 is the only one of the three that looks like a traditional mobile. It is a slider handset, and alongside the capable S60 operating system, it sports a couple of speciality turns for business users.

On the software side we have Nokia’s Team Suite. This is basically groups management software. You set up groups and can then send e-mails, texts and MMSs to the whole group at once, view Web pages that relate to them and initiate conference calls with them.

The conference calling bit is also covered by a hardware feature. One of the many buttons on the front of the casing is dedicated to conference calling. It can be set up to dial into a conference calling service and used to bring two current callers into a conference.

Another front button mutes the E65′s microphone, while a third you can set up to do anything you like and simply pressing it calls up the configuration software.

A very important aspect of the Nokia E65 is built-in Wi-Fi. This is increasingly common on handsets and smartphones, and in Nokia’s E series handsets it is a staple. But this time around there is a twist. You can get the phone to search for networks in the vicinity at regular intervals and report its findings on the main screen. Or you can manually search for networks by selecting an option on the screen. Once you’ve found a network and are connected, Voice over IP calls and Web browsing are a couple of button presses away.

The E65 comes with PC connectivity software and a USB cable, and battery life checked in at around 10 hours of non-stop MP3 music with the screen forced to stay on. It doesn’t last as long when the Wi-Fi is active, though.

This all adds up to a phone which is pretty nifty, but there are a couple of let-downs. As a 3G handset the absence of a front-facing camera for video calling is a downer and the strong S60 music player is let down by a mono earbud rather than stereo headset being supplied with the phone. Meanwhile the main camera shoots reasonably good photos at 2-megapixels but lacks self-portrait mirror, flash, auto-focus or a macro mode.

Company: Nokia

Contact: 08700 555 777

Nokia is pushing the E65 as a business phone but it might have wider appeal. It is hampered by the absence of a front-facing camera and that mono earbud, but taken in its entirety this is a very functional mobile phone.