Nokia stir up rumours of iPhone killer review

Photo of Nokia stir up rumours of iPhone killer

Anyone who’s paid passing interesting to anything to do with Apple will be used to hearing a certain Mr.Jobs lauding its latest equipment as having industry-dominating potential. And following a recent Apple event, he seems convinced that the iPhone will swiftly become the future of mobile communications.

It’s a bold claim from a company so new to this particular market, and we’re not particularly surprised to see that Nokia has been steadily dropping hints about its own ‘iPhone killer’ ever since.

These particular rumours are gaining momentum and certainly seem to have substance, following the VP of Nokia’s developer programme, Tom Libretto, announcing a few specs as well as stating “It’s our first touch device” before following up in response to Apple’s iPhone sales of six million with “We’ve done that since we had dinner on Friday.”

The phone will probably be centred around key areas such as connectivity, media support and GPS, with Nokia likely to use the latter, in conjunction with its new Maps 2.0 software, as a headliner.

How well the platform integrates with the touchscreen will be key, but with Nokia being shady about any other solid information, we’ll have to wait until June or August to see if upcoming Nokia events manage to firm things up.