Odixion – Uno Premium DigiCopier review

stand-alone CD copier
Photo of Odixion – Uno Premium DigiCopier
Approx. £800 no VAT

The Odixion Uno Premium DigiCopier is a stand-alone CD copier. It consists of a 16-speed BURN-proof CD-RW drive and a Plextor UltraPlex 40-speed CD-ROM drive, housed in a metal case that has an LCD display and a selection of buttons. It can copy up to 12 CDs per hour with no connection to a host PC, although a SCSI interface is provided should you wish to use the drives in a more conventional way.

The Uno Premium weighs several kilos and is constructed from thick metal sheeting. Much of the weight is accounted for by the built-in mains power supply, but even so, this is a well-built piece of kit that should survive regular long-term use. It is also exceptionally easy to use. Simply inserting an original CD into the reader and a blank CD-R or CD-RW into the writer will initiate the copying process.

There’s no need to even press a button, although if you want to simulate the write process first to check for errors, that can be done. If it fails, you have the option of reducing the write speed in stages down to 1x. There’s also a ‘verify’ button that will, once the copy process has finished, check that the copied CD matches the original.

As well as the 2MB data buffer built into the writer and the 512KB in the reader, the unit’s motherboard has an extra 16MB of memory which helps to ensure that the write process is not delayed by minor read problems. Other than the noise from the built-in cooling fan, the unit is unobtrusive in use. It ejects each finished CD and starts copying again when a new one is inserted, so user interaction is kept to a minimum. Other features include a CD-RW erase button and a ‘fit’ button, which will squeeze over-sized audio CDs onto standard 74 minute discs, albeit with the potential loss of the last tracks.

It all works well, but what this unit lacks is the ability to create CD images and then copy those at high speed without leaving the original CD in the drive. Other products in the Odixion range can do this, because they have a built-in hard drive, but the price goes up accordingly.

Company: Odixion

Contact: +33 (0) 233 890 500

Even with the newest BURN-proof CD-RW drives, duplication of CDs using a PC can be time-consuming. At the very least it ties up the host PC for a while. So anyone needing to distribute software samples or large documents and images to several people may find that a stand-alone CD duplicator such as this one is more appropriate. For short duplication runs this is a fast and dependable solution, but when you consider the price, you might be better off with a cheap, dedicated PC to do the job.