Panasonic Eluga smartphone preview

Photo of Panasonic Eluga smartphone preview

It comes as no surprise that Panasonic chose to talk about its new Android smartphone at the company’s 2012 European Convention. The new Eluga phone heralds a return to the mobile communications market in Europe, although Panasonic never stopped producing mobile handsets in Japan.

You may be wondering why Panasonic would choose to jump back into such a cutthroat market, but there are a few very good reasons. First up, mobile phones represent one of the biggest markets in the consumer electronics arena, so it makes sense that Panasonic would want a piece of that pie. Second, and arguably more important, is the fact that Panasonic doesn’t really want you to be buying an Apple, Samsung or HTC phone in order to use its Viera mobile app to control your TV.

However sound the reasons may be though, breaking into the smartphone market isn’t easy, with the established players commanding daunting install bases. It’s therefore good that Panasonic’s Eluga made a big splash today – literally.

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Company: Panasonic