Paragon Backup and Recovery 11 Home review

Our favourite PC backup software gets a refresh
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No matter how many times you’re told how vital it is to back up your hard drive, we’re all notoriously sluggish when it comes to putting it into practice. Only when the unthinkable happens and everything crashes and refuses to reboot that you curse your oversight and wished you’d gone out and purchased something as user-friendly as Paragon’s Backup and Recovery 11 Home.

The reason for this software’s continued popularity is because Paragon is constantly seeking for ways to make it easier to implement while meeting the challenges of an ever-shifting IT industry.

Version 11 is absolutely stuffed with features both old and new, yet the Express interface remains remarkably simple – just choose between the two main options (Backup & Recovery or Copy & Migration) and the relevant Wizard will pop up and guide you through the process. For more sophisticated operations, you can swiftly swap to the Advanced interface and micro-manage to your heart’s content.

New features
The Smart Backup menu lets you back up not only the usual media files and documents but also e-mail messages (although only MS Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail are supported), partitions and complete hard disks. New backup options include storing to FTP and sFTP servers, encryption and updated e-mail notifications of backup status.

On the recovery side, WinPE 3.0 has been added to Windows, DOS and Linux recovery environments, the latest Adaptive Restore 3.0 programme lets you restore your system backup to totally different hardware from where it was made and partition alignment automatically kicks in while restoring to new hard drives.

When migrating to a smaller drive than the original, specific file types can be pre-excluded and there’s now support for USB 3.0, AFDs (Advanced Format Drive), drives greater than 2.2TB and non-512B sector size drives. You can also convert MBR formatted hard drives to GPT as well as store backups on Blu-ray or on your network. In short, pretty much every base is covered.

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  • Broader recovery options.
  • Not a major overhaul.


Paragon have proved with Backup and Recovery 11 Home that when you've got a winning formula you shouldn't seriously tinker with it but the sheer number of additional features means this will remain the standard to beat.