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Thanks to the good old Internet and its wealth of potential security risks, there will never be a lack of interest in PC protection. Spyware Doctor has been one of the more successful anti-spyware tools of recent times, with the new version 5 even better prepared to combat growing threats.

Users of previous versions won’t notice a lot in terms of new features, but more importantly, three times the number of threats are now covered, the intelli-scan tool has been improved to better correct problems caused by active and running threats and some of the fine tuning from previous suites has been automated to provide a more user-friendly environment.

This is certainly the case when you look at the interface, and most users would agree that scanning for Spyware isn’t something they want a lot of control over, as long as it’s quick and it works. An initial scan of our system flagged a number of threats we didn’t know existed. Cleaning these up is a single button click away, with full history and results of previous scans readily available in Quarantine for you to view.

If you so wish, you can specify exactly which of the security tools are enabled: these include a browser guard to protect your settings while online, keylogger protection, malicious process removal, startup protection and a cookie scanner. Why you’d want to turn any of these off we’re not sure, but the fact that you get individual history and configurable exclusion options for each gives you that extra degree of control if you need it.

You can set up scans to run automatically or at set times and dates, you’ll find automatic updates to cover new threats and a range of notification options for when new threats are found.

We found the results to be fairly impressive without being perfect; there were traces of some spyware left on our system although the success rate is pretty high. What most users will question is whether there’s now room for a specific Spyware protection package in the light of the myriad of all-in-one security suites now available.

Running parallel with the new version of Spyware Doctor 5 is a range of more comprehensive tools, which currently integrate antivirus and in the near future, firewall and anti-spam protection on the way to creating a total security suite. Based on our experience with Spyware Doctor 5 we’re keen to see how these pan out.

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We were generally impressed by the effective interface and ease of use on offer here. You're given just about the right amount of control without being interrupted too much and the software seems pretty light on system resources. (!externallinkstart=www.pctools.com/spyware-doctor/?ref=itreviews&utm_source=itreviews&utm_medium=ctm&utm_campaign=ctm_sd)Buy Direct from The PC Tools Website(!externallinkend)