Pinnacle Systems – Studio 10 Titanium review

more stable version of the bargain video editing package
Photo of Pinnacle Systems – Studio 10 Titanium

Pinnacle Systems has clearly been looking at Electronic Arts’ balance sheet. Only half a year has passed since the last release of its Studio software – Studio 10 – and already a new version is out, with the mighty suffix ‘Titanium Edition’. Whatever that means.

The core proposition, you won’t be surprised to hear, is largely unchanged, with the excellent Studio video editing package being as clean, easy to use and powerful as it was last time we saw it. What you get as part of this Titanium package is the update that brought the software itself up to 10.5, plus some added video effects.

The update was an important one, albeit available already – entirely free of charge – to owners of Studio 10. It fixed some worrying stability issues, generally managed to speed up the software and was more tolerant of processors that didn’t have Intel branding upon them.

In short, it stiffened up some weak areas of an otherwise excellent piece of software. Which means that if you’re on the lookout for an accessible, flexible video editing solution, that may lag slightly behind the power of Premiere Essentials but more than makes up for it in friendliness, then Studio 10 is just what you’re after.

The other elements to the Titanium package are worthy of interest. The added effects are billed as ‘professional TV-style’, and we certainly found them a notch or two above what we’ve been used to from Studio over the years. The news programme-style wipes, in particular, we thought were great. And they contribute to our overall feeling that, using this software, it’s possible to create an end product that genuinely feels a mile away from the homebrew home movie and slideshow productions of old.

We were less bothered about the new option to export to iPod and PSP formats, but we did find that it did what it said it would suitably well, so it’s hard to grumble.

With an asking price south of £70, Pinnacle Studio 10 remains for us the best video editing solution for the novice to intermediate user. Even advanced users will have fun with it, but we suspect they’ll be off in the direction of Adobe Premiere before too long.

This new edition doesn’t add too much to warrant the upgrade for existing users, save for those excellent effects and transitions (which may be enough to cover the cost, to be fair). But for anyone using Studio 9 or earlier this is a far more stable and worthwhile option than Pinnacle was offering six months ago. In short, while it’s not a radical improvement, Studio 10 Titanium Edition is now a more polished and stable version of software that we were really quite fond of first time around. It’s well worth your time.

Company: Pinnacle Systems

Contact: 01895 442003

A superb video editing application, which might not have the grunt of the top end packages, but is ideal for its price tag. And the new effects are very welcome indeed.