Plextor PX-L611U review

Slimline external CD/DVD writer
Photo of Plextor PX-L611U

Plextor has a solid reputation for CD/DVD writers, Blu-ray drives and portable HDD – but while much of the industry is loading the dice in favour of recordable Blu-ray, Plextor still sees a role for slim. lightweight external DVD writers like the PX-L611U.

Measuring just 137mm square, a slender 22mm thick and weighing a featherlight 33g, the
PX-L611U is about as compact as an 8x DVD player can get. Styled in chic glossy black with an eye-catching design on the top, this is clearly aimed at the travellers with netbooks that lack an optical drive, who need both a playback machine (for presentations and movies) as well as the opportunity to record on the fly.

Comes with USB connectivity
Not only will the Plextor slip conveniently into a laptop bag or rucksack, it uses a USB lead to draw power directly from a PC, thus cutting down on the bulk of an external power source. Operating with Windows 7, Vista and XP, the PX-L611U copies to all regular DVD and CD formats except DVD±RW DL, and provides decent quality playback of DVD movies (though it’s not Region-free).

It comes bundled with PlexUtilities, which tests and monitors the drive activity as well as NERO 9 Essentials and it’s LightScribe friendly, so you can create your own designing your own labels to burn onto suitable discs. We transferred 4.4GB of data, images and video on to a 16x DVD+R in around 10.5 seconds – more than than enough to keep us happy.

Company: Plextor

Contact: 020 7949 0109

  • Nicely designed and extremely portable.
  • No DVD±RW DL support; playback isn't Region-free


The Plextor PX-L611U is a smart, compact and ultra-portable DVD writer that's quick to set up, includes highly practical software, and provides above-average speed and quality transfers.